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Product Review – Cassie Daves Blog Planner

Hi ladies. As promised I’m here with the review of the Cassie Daves Blog Planner . I was wondering if product review would be an appropriate title for this post but then it’s a product right?!

So I heard about this amazing planner on Instagram as everyone was raving about it. I decided to check the reviews and I was amazed at all the wonderful things bloggers were saying. It sounded to good to be true so I decided to place an order for mine. Berry Dakara did a review too so you can read hers as well and there’s a testimonial page on Cassie’s blog just in case you’re not convinced.

Product: Blog Planner
Price: N4,500
Delivery Period: 1 day
Producer/ Distributor: Cassie Daves

The first thing I noticed when I sent a dm on Instagram to Cassie was her prompt and nice responses. We later moved to conversing by e-mail which was really professional. I love good customer service.

It took one day for the planner to be delivered  (it was delivered by Tranex) and I was surprised at how fast the delivery was. I buy a lot of stuffs online and I’ve had some crazy experiences so prompt delivery of the planner earned a 100% from me.

I love seeing bloggers bring an idea to life and this product is one of the best I’ve seen. The planner captures everything necessary for blogging – nothing was left out!!

I love the yellow paper used in wrapping the planner. It’s just bright, beautiful and attractive. The thank you card attached to it felt very personal and I loved it.

Before opening the planner there’s a “what’s inside” paper pictured above to give a general view of the planner. It reminds me of birthday cards. I think it was thoughtful so the buyer knows what they’re buying.

If you’re a very active and busy person like I am you’d be pleased with the to-do list page.

As bloggers and humans generally, we have goals we want to achieve be it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Being able to write them down and refer to them often is a good thing. Yes technology is advancing, but paper never fails. (My spoilt phone and laptop has taught me serious lessons).

This is my favourite part of the planner. Every blogger has had that writer’s block experience where you run out of ideas. The minute I saw this page ideas began to flow which I’ll be posting as time goes by. Cassie has really outdone herself with this product.

Of course there’s more to the planner than what I’ve shown you so if you want to find out go get yours today!!!

What products have you recently fallen in love with and reviewed?

Have a great day ahead ladies…

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