Protective Style

Protective Style – New Wig Alert!!!

Hi ladies. Long time no post. From a spoilt laptop to a spoilt phone and no internet access, the past one month has been very “interesting”. I’m ashamed that I always have an excuse for being absent and I’m sure a lot of you are fed up. I’m sorry…I hope to get better at posting even if I have to borrow all the laptops in my office. Lool!! Hopefully it won’t get to that.
If you follow me on Instagram which you should (@momashairjourney), I posted a picture of my Cassie Daves Blog Planner. I’ve started using it and I love it already. I would do a review on it soon. Even though I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been taking good care of my hair and I made 2 wigs in the past month. Yope I’m officially in love with diy’s and the satisfaction I derive especially when I get it right. I lost a lot of pictures from my old phone which could not be recovered *sad face* so I only have the finished wig and no pictures of the process.

The tools I used were; a large bowl as round as my head (because I forgot to pack my mannequin head), needles and thread, clips to hold the hair in place and a pair of scissors. I used Lady Rainbow Bohemian Hair (2 packs of 12 inches) which I bought @ N1,900 each from a local hair store. After watching a few YouTube videos on making a wig with no leave out, I was ready to make mine. I had to make the wig twice because my first attempt was horrible but I quickly got a hang of it and it turned out nice for a first timer. Here are a few pictures below;

Exhausted but happy…

I have always loved curly hair and still do so making this week was exciting for me. Sadly, I used it for only a wig because the heat at the moment is killing!!! I’m so looking forward to the rains so I can rock the hell out of this wig. I’d put up a post on the second wig which I’m currently wearing and all the other interesting things I’ve been dying to tell y’all.

So tell me; what’s been going on with your hair ladies?!

Have a lovely week ahead…


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