Washday Experience – Next Day Hair

Hi ladies. How was your weekend? Mine was wet cold and all I wanted to do was lay in bed. Gosh I love the rains!! We’re in the fourth week of the #washdayexperiencethemes Andy since I did not participate in the previous ones I thought to do the last one at least.
I was really confused about the meaning of this washday theme. I concluded later that it meant a style that I could easily create and wear the next day. Usually my easy next day styles are side twists or updo’s but I decided to flat iron my hair instead. This will be my 3rd direct use of heat on my hair this year *covers face*. In all fairness my first was after my relaxer update in February. To prep for my next day hair, here’s how my washday went;

  • Pre-pooed with hot oils: Coconut and Grapeseed oil without heat for 2hours. I would have loved to use my heat cap but the electricity in my area has been upsetting. 
  • Washed with Ors HaiRepair sulfate-free shampoo twice with fairly hot water.
  • Deep conditioned with Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner for 2 hours without heat.
  • Rinsed with cool water to seal in the moisture.
  • Air dried till my hair was 80% dry and applied my leave-ins: Aphogee Keratin Green Tea Restructurizer and Dark & Lovely Moisture plus.
  • Trimmed off about half an inch all round my head and put my hair into 5 chunky twists.
  • Later in the evening I unravelled each twist, applied Organics smoother and polisher serum and straightened my hair.

Here are the results…

Since I didn’t do a length check after my relaxer session in February, I decided to do one. My hair doesn’t look like its grown much but it has. It seems shorter because of my shrinkage and new growth. On the brighter side my pony tail is fuller *yaaay*. I trimmed off half an inch all around my head so my ends don’t look scraggly and I’m really happy about that. My hair felt very light after straightening that I was literally shaking it left and right till I ended up with a headache (serves me right).

Currently my hair is in a loose updo and I intend to moisturize and seal throughout the week and pray my straight hair lasts. A huge thank you for all your support and suggestions during my dandruff invasion . My scalp isn’t so dry and someone suggested it may have just been dry scalp and not dandruff which I really think was the case. I guess I overreacted out of fear.

What your favourite next day hair?

Have an awesome week ahead ladies…


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