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My Second Henna Application + Curlformers Set

Hi ladies. Long time no post. How have you all been doing? I planned and organised my friend’s bridal shower 2 weekends ago and I must say been an events planner is truly fulfilling. There is nothing like living your dreams and following your passion because there’s always a sense of satisfaction and happiness that comes with it. Okay enough of the career talk.
I did another Henna treatment 3 weeks after the first one and I’m in love. Henna is really giving my hair life and I’m wondering why I only just discovered it. Anyways better late than never right?!

My Henna prep and application was no different from the first time only that I made the paste a little thicker which made applying it easier. I went round all the malls hoping to find coconut milk to try Jen of Just Grow Already’s recipe alas I didn’t find any. I guess I’d have to wait till I go home again to buy some.

  • After mixing the Henna with warm green tea and allowing for dye release after 9 hours, I applied it to my hair in sections and slept. 

  • The next morning,  I rinsed it out with warm water and then V05 moisturising conditioner till the water ran clear. 
  • I then washed twice with Creme of Nature Sulfate-free shampoo. 
  • Deep conditioned with Ors Replenishing Conditioner for 20 minutes with heat.
  • Rinsed with cold water to seal in the moisture and air dried.
  • While my hair was still damp I moisturised, sealed and installed the curlformers. I’ve learnt that I get better results when my hair is still wet than when almost dry.
  • I couldn’t imagine sleeping with the curlformers so out of laziness I left them in the whole day and took them out just before I went to bed. Below are my results. 

I think I’ve improved since my last curlformers set considering that I’ve had a few fails. Although I loved how the curls looked more defined this time, I was more concerned about the colour of my hair than the curls…Lol! I took lots of pictures before getting the one below that showed a bit of the red. Next time I’ll try and take the pictures when the sun is out.

Finally seeing the red…whoop! Whoop!!

I’m really loving my Henna treatment and I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my hair since I introduced it into my regimen.

I decided to do a comparison (picture above) with my first Henna treatment and I must say the improvement in my hair is visible. My hair is fuller and longer and let’s not forget the brownish/reddish colour it’s giving my hair. I’m sure you can tell I’m in love! Henna is definitely here to stay!!!

So ladies how many of you are loving your Henna treatments?

Have a blessed week ahead…


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