Protective Style

Protective Style – Diy Closure Wig

Hi ladies. How have you been? I’ve finally stopped being lazy and I’m putting up a post of my second diy wig. Read about the last one here.

I made both wigs at the same time but for some lazy and silly reason I never got to post it till now. I used the same tools I used the last time the only difference is the hair I used.

I bought a 14 inches 3 part closure from (@tw.wigs) on instagram for N21,000 (19k + 2k for delivery). I placed an order for the hair on a Monday and got it delivered by Wednesday – I’d say that’s great customer service.  I also bought a pack of human hair from my local hair store (it claims to be Malaysian hair but I don’t believe it).
I used the same method as my last wig to make this wig and it was a bit faster and easier because there were no curls to get in the way.

I hadn’t really styled this wig much till last week when I was practicing my makeup skills and I needed to find a style for the wig other than my normal “all back” lol! The style just came out of nowhere but I love how it turned out. The first was a side tuck on both sides & a side braid and the next was same side tuck and a pinned up braid.

I’ve worn this wig severally over the past few months and I wear it more than the curly one because it’s easy to maintain and style. I’m sorry that this post is not as detailed as it should be. I lost most of my pictures and was only able to recover a few. The goodnews is there are a lot of videos now on YouTube showing how to install weaves and make wigs.

That’s it’s ladies…how have our been protective styling? 

Have a blessed week ahead….


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