Hair Henna

Henna!!! 3rd time’s a charm?

Goodmorning ladies. How was your weekend? It’s been wet lately so the nights are colder and cozier. I love the rains mostly because I get to sleep extra (I don’t joke with my sleep…lol!). The only disadvantage is that I have to find a way to balance my protein and moisture treatments so I don’t over-moisturise my hair.

Anywho, I applied Henna over the weekend to my hair and I’m not really feeling the vibe. I think the reason is because it’s been almost a month since my last application so my constant washing has worn of the red hues in my hair.

  • I took out my crochet braids and detangled my hair with my fingers and a wide toothed comb. 
  • I tweaked my Henna recipe this time as I’m back home and finally bought coconut milk.
  • I mixed the Henna with green tea and Coconut milk – the same recipe Jen of Just Grow Already uses.
  • I then covered the Henna paste with cling film and left for dye release which is about 8 hours. (I left mine in for 24 hours). Please don’t judge me I can explain!! I got back tired from work on Friday and slept off so I applied the Henna Saturday morning.
  • I tied my hair to be sure I didn’t get stained and left it in for 8 hours.
  • Rinsed till the water had become clear and applied V05 moisturising conditioner for 2 minutes, 3 times and rinsed again.
  • Deep conditioned 1 hour without heat with Motions Moisture plus conditioner and Ors Replenishing Conditioner because I ran out of my Motions.
  • Air dried and moisturised and sealed with Mega Profective Leave-in Strengthener and Sealed with coconut oil.
  • The following evening I re-installed the crochet braids I’d taken out earlier.

I noticed that instead of retaining length like I’d hoped I lost a lot of hair. I found the reason and it’s my fault. 2 weeks ago I did a protein treatment different from my usual treatment. I mixed honey, water, coconut oil and Coconut milk and applied to my hair for 30 minutes. I did not follow up with a moisturising leave-in like I should have. To make matters worse I installed crochet braids for 2 weeks and my cornrows were a bit tight even though I tried to ignore it.

I guess my hair decided to teach me a lesson which I’ve learnt from.

I also cut of about 2 inches all round as I’d gotten tired of scraggly ends. My joy knew no bounds when I put a comb through my hair and I no hair shed *insert happy dance*. For the next 3 months I’ll be monitoring my ends closely to avoid another setback. Once the month is up and I’ve taken my crochet braids out I’ll revert back to my wig regimen.

That’s it’s ladies…what did you do with your hair this weekend?

Have a blessed and fruitful week ahead.


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