Protective Style

Protective Style – Yet Another Crochet Braids

Hi ladies. Yeah I know; I’ve been Mia and I’m sorry. Work has gotten the better part of me the past 2 weeks. But I’m back now and I have a few posts which I will put up as time goes by.
So I installed another crochet braids and I’m loving this one. I’ve been able to take a break from weekly washing and I’ve been moisturising and sealing.

Hair – Freedom Crochet Braids (Havana Twists)

Colour – 33

Price – 1,500

Number in a pack – 8 or 10 depending on the length.

Seller – Vendor in Garki Market (Abuja).

Early in the year,  I went to the market and saw the packs of freedom crochet braids everywhere.  At the time the price was 1,000 and I should have bought it then (I regret not doing that). Now the price is 1,500 and I used 5 packs for a full head so I spent a whopping 7,500 on my head alone. I intend to reuse the hair as often as I can to get the full value of my money. Don’t blame me but the current recession in our economy has forced me to tighten my belts.

Anywho, I washed my hair prior to installing as I always do and installed the crochet braids.  By now I’m sure we all know I’m a a huge fan of crochet braids because it’s versatile, chic and still allows me care for my hair. Need I explain more?! Lol!  There are a lot of videos on YouTube that explain how to install crochet braids using different methods.

I love the vibrant colour of the hair and how full it is. Most ladies I’ve seen with this style didn’t unravel the twists but I wanted mine to look full so I unraveled the twists.

This is my 5th crochet braids install although only 4 are on the blog including this one. You can read them here, here and here. I’ve readjusted my regimen to washing bi-weekly and I intend to have my crochet braids on for a month or 2 before switching back to my wigs.

That’s it ladies…how’s your hair doing? 

Have a blessed week ahead…

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