Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Hellooooo Ladies. Happy New Year! Welcome to this beautiful and glorious year – 2017. I know I’ve been in hiding but I’m out now and back to blogging. There’s just one major reason why I’ve been away for so long but I’ll write about it in another post. Let me not spoil my first post of the year with long stories. Lol!
Anyways, I’ve been taking care of my hair, moisturising and sealing and battling this Harmattan weather *sad face*. Moisture! Moisture!! Moisture!!! cannot be overemphasised this season. I recently added new moisturisers to my stash so I’m not caught unawares.

I hope we’re enjoying the new year, setting attainable goals and just being crazily happy. Have a fantastic week ahead. Blogging officially resumes next week for me. Till then *hugs and kisses*.

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