Goodmorning ladies. How was your weekend? Mine was fulfilling and I feel ontop of the world at the moment.
Okay…so let me explain. I’ve had interest in hair styling for a while but I’d been unable to find someone to teach me until last weekend where I attended a training and was taught by the best in the business. She’s an international professional session hairstylist making big waves in the hair industry. So you can imagine how surreal it felt to be sitting in her class and learning tips and tricks on hairstyling. I also brushed up my makeup skills and learnt how to take proper pictures with my camera *although I need a new one – a new year’s gift isn’t too late*. Yh so long story short version my weekend was amazing and I feel good that it wasn’t wasted.

Now where do I begin about my absence and that of my hair towards the end of the year? I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible. So sometime in October I disappeared from the blogosphere and the main reason was because I was working on my new Website. Yope…I’ve wanted to move from blogger but I needed the timing to be right so when I felt it was, I took the opportunity. But it didn’t work out as planned. I had hoped to be blogging from my new website this year but I don’t like the look and I haven’t been able to export my pictures properly. So I didn’t intentionally decide to disappear life just happened.

Anyways I’m back now and as it’s still a new year I’m sure you’ve all forgiven me for absconding. I’ll be blogging from here till I’ve sorted out the issue with my website.

So what have you been upto since I’ve been gone? My next post will be on my last texlax for 2016.
Have a fantastic week ahead ladies…

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