5 Things I Love About My Big Chop + Hair Update

Hi ladies. How was your weekend? Can you believe we’re slowly coming to the end of this month. I feel like this year will be faster than last year and I’m ready to run at its speed. I hope you are too!! Don’t give up on that dream or goal…believe you can achieve it and you will!!!

Since my big chop, my regimen has become the simplest it’s ever been. Wash, deep condition, moisturise and seal. That’s it! I wash twice a week now unfailingly, spritz my hair with water 100 times a day literally – Lmao 😅 and sleep with a satin bonnet at all times. I intend to do another Henna treatment this weekend so be sure to check the blog for the post. I no longer have dry flakes and I know it’s as a result of been consistent for the past 1 month. Sometimes I wish I was as zealous as when I first started my hair journey. I’m getting back my ‘ginger” small small.


  • I love how easily accessible my scalp is. Moisturising and sealing is a breeze now and doesn’t feel cumbersome unlike before. 
  • I love how air enters my scalp literally. Like I can feel it when I sit in front of a standing fan or when the Air Conditioner is on or even when the wind blows. It’s like my hair is naked!!!
  • My short hair makes me look years younger than I actually am. Mind you I’m in my middle 20’s so you can imagine when people ask me if I just finished secondary school…LOL!!
  • I’m glad that my big chop is letting me start a new journey. I feel like a new person since I cut my hair. I transitioned from relaxed to texlax and sometimes I wish I’d done a big chop instead. 
  • Lastly I just love my short hair. The last time I big chopped was in secondary school so seeing my short hair brings back a lot of memories and how consistent I was back then in caring for and growing my hair. I’m better informed now and I’ll be growing my hair with healthy practices this time around.

Have you ever big chopped before? Did you like or dislike your decision.

Have a blessed week ahead…


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