Big Chop – Natural Not By Choice

Hello ladies. Long time no post! I’m sure you’ve guessed from the title of this post that I’ve cut my hair. Before you all go oooh and ahhhh and ask why and what happened let me start by saying my big chop was not by choice.

That being said, let me tell you a short story. Sometime in May 2016 I put up a post on my Dandruff Invasion  and asked for help from y’all. I got really great feedbacks and tried to incorporate some of them into my regimen including using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). For a while after that my hair seemed to be on the right track and I laxed in following my regimen. I relocated back to Abuja in September and started work immediately leaving little time for myself and my hair. My hair suffered as a result of neglect and improper care. In December I did my last texlax for the year and wasn’t too pleased with the results especially my ends and so I didn’t post the results here.  Since the year began I’ve been struggling with dandruff and contemplated cutting the hair and starting afresh. I kept hoping I will overcome this setback but alas I big chopped on Sunday (26/02/2016).


To be honest I felt relived after cutting of all my texlaxed hair especially as we’re in a new month and I feel it’s a fresh start. Do you know I actually saw a split end just before I took the plunge? I was saddened that I had let my hair get to this point but I’m grateful I can start on a clean slate.


Since turning natural (3 days) to be exact, my regimen has been pretty same and simple. The only change I’ve made is to wash at least 3 times a week for the next 2 weeks to get rid of the dandruff. After that I will go back to the basics. I really veered off after the first year in my hair journey and that wasn’t a good decision. I intend to pick up the pieces and create a beautiful hair picture from it *winks*. So yeah I’m natural but not by choice; in my head I consider myself texlaxed and I will still do so this year. A lot of ladies are going natural and even though I have nothing against them (I was natural for 16 years), I don’t want to join the movement. I still believe that relaxed/texlaxed hair can be as healthy as natural hair and I hope to still be able to inspire these ladies.

That’s it ladies…what have you been upto with your hair?



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