My New Blog Site||I’m Super Excited!!!

Hello Ladies,
God knows I’ve missed saying that!! So I’ve been away for Four (4) months. Gosh!!!! I never ever thought when I started this blog that I would be away from it for so long but sometimes, for you to improve and get better you have to take a step back and this could for days, weeks or even months. I’m super excited to be back and my greatest excitement is for my new site. I’m so in love!

I wanted to move my blog from blogger since last year and my first 2 attempts didn’t turn out well. In my first attempt, I tried moving the blog by myself as per ‘super woman’ but alas I couldn’t comprehend all the programming and coding jargons and I knew instantly that a DIY in this case wasn’t going to work which led to my second attempt. I paid a family friend to help me move and when he was done, I didn’t like the design at all. It looked horrible and tacky. Because I was on a tight budget and he was way cheaper I chose to use him but looking back now I see that was not a wise decision. When his didn’t work, I left it alone and continued on blogger hoping and praying that I would find someone affordable this year. Last month, luck shone on me and I came across Cassie Daves new site (she owns the popular Blog Planner) and I loved it. I read how she was able to make the switch through the lovely Oyinye of Modavracha who offers Blog Services. I immediately sent Oyinye a message and here we are today. Oyinye was really patient, helpful and professional. To be honest there were times I was so sure she was going to quit on me especially when she had to correct what the previous guy had done but she didn’t. The journey to moving this site and getting it up and ready wasn’t easy at all but I’m super grateful we’re here now.

The journey to moving this site and getting it up and ready wasn't easy at all but I'm super… Click To Tweet

So this is my first post on my new site telling you why I’ve been absent and promising juicy posts and collaborations in the months to come. Thank you Oyinye for your patience and professionalism and for answering my one million and one questions. Trust me I had lots of them especially as I don’t understand any coding or programming language. Please check her site if you’d like to move from Blogger to WordPress or any other blog services.
To all my readers and subscribers who have been patient and gone as far as checking up on me – I’m super grateful!

*hugs and kisses* – Hilda


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