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Hey Ladies. This is my first review for the year and I’m pretty excited about this product. I got this product in my Sister’s Network goody bag 2 months ago. I wanted to use it for a while as with my other products before giving a review.The whipped butter is the first product in the Kush Organics Brand. I believe they will add more products as time goes on.

Name of Product: Whipped Butter

Price: N 1, 000.00

Ingredients: Natural Organic Sugar Tumeric, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oil Vitamin C and Natural Herbs.

Quantity: There is none written on the product and I can’t take a guess. Lol.

Consistency: It’s thick and so I melt it in the microwave for a pre-poo and apply it directly as a moisturizer.

Smell: I love the smell of the whipped butter. It doesn’t have the typical strong Shea Butter “Ori” smell which is good and the other ingredients help to mask the smell.

Packaging: It comes in a small round container with a cover – makes it easy to open and close. The packaging is pretty simple; white and peach.

My Analysis: I started using Shea Butter when I began my hair journey and it’s still a staple but I didn’t particularly like the smell. With this whipped butter I can apply it not just on my hair as a moisturiser but on my body as well and be rest assured I don’t smell terrible. Lol! The price for the quantity is fair especially because its infused with other healthy and essential ingredients and herbs.

Will I be purchasing this product – YES and you should as well. To buy any of their products please follow them on Instagram – Kush Organics.

What products have you reviewed lately? Have a blessed and restful weekend.


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