Hi Ladies. How have you been? I’m back with my washday recap. Usually I post washdays on Mondays but since I started washing my hair twice a week due to dry flakes I just wash as I feel or as my hair feels.First of all welcome to a new month and the Ember Months!! I love the last 4 months of the year not just because they rhyme Lol I love the last 4 months of the year not just because they rhyme Lol... Click To Tweet but because I seem to achieve a lot more. I’m not sure why exactly but I think its because my brain subconsciously tells me the year is about to end and I aim to achieve more before it does.

Any-who let’s get into this washday recap shall we?!

  • I pre-pooed for 15 minutes without heat with V05 Clarifying Conditioner Kiwi Lime Squeeze (I will do a V05 haul soon) and my ever faithful Peppermint oil that has been helping me combat my dry flakes and scalp.
  • Washed my hair with Crème of Nature Sulfate free shampoo twice and rinsed with not-too-hot-water. I needed my scalp to be open for my conditioner to penetrate.
  • Deep conditioned with Ors Replenishing Conditioner for 1 hour without heat and rinsed with cool water to seal the moisture in.

  • Air dried till my hair was 80% dry and moisturized with Lotta body Love Me 5 –in-1 Miracle styling crème (this is my new fave moisturizer) and Kush Organics Whipped Butter.
  • Sealed with Olive oil for my hair and ends and Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) for my edges and nape.
  • I put my hair into 4 cornrows for my braids wig as usual and tied a silk scarf to sleep.

NB: I have really missed posting washday recaps. Have you missed reading them?!

Have a blessed week ahead…


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