I am Hilda, a Nigerian born and raised in Nigeria. I did all my schooling here. I currently live and work in Abuja. I have always been obsessed with hair care. I was known to try out different products while in University and go the extra mile for my hair. I believed that since I wasn’t born with long hair I could at least take care of the one I had. After starting my hair journey, I realized it wasn’t that I didn’t care for my hair but that I didn’t do it the right way all those years.

Apart from been obsessed with hair and hair products, I’m also an avid novel reader. I love to sing, dance, discover new places and clean. Yes I know I love cleaning! I’m a neat freak so my environment has to be spotless at all times. I am very good at remembering roads and places even if I’ve only been to a place once.

I am an entrepreneur and a self made marketer. There is nothing I cannot market to make money Lmao!!! I’m also an Abuja-based crochet braid stylist and I hope to start my Events Company soon.

This blog is to help me monitor my progress and hopefully help someone start their healthy hair journey too.


I am not a Trichologist and I know nothing about science. Everything I post on my blog that is hair related are experiences from taking care of my hair. I cannot guarantee that what works for me will work for you as well.
All photos are mine except otherwise stated. No copyright infringement is intended.