I’ve always had the slowest growing hair amongst all my sisters (and I’ve got 4 of them) or so I thought. Though I had really full hair as a baby and didn’t cut my hair till I was 10 and again at 13. By the time I entered the university i had just relaxed my hair because my mum’s rules were to not relax until after secondary school. My hair was very thin and fine and sleek but wasn’t long. I was introduced to the world of weaves and I fixed my hair constantly without giving it any break.
By 200 level which is the picture below my hair grew rapidly which shocked my mum and I. I’ve still not figured out why but I guess it was because I switched relaxers from Dark & Lovely’s beautiful beginnings for children to Organic Olive oil because Dark & Lovely was scarce at the time.

Fast forward to 400 level second semester and my rapidly grown hair had cut drastically and was merely grazing my shoulder with a very high inverted v (which I didn’t know was the name then) and very thin and scraggly ends. I was browsing BellaNaija one random evening as usual and I came across a post of a Nigerian with long hair *sorry cant find the blog now* and I read about her regimen and all. I only followed it for like a week probably expecting a miracle to happen over night loool!!! Anyways, exactly one year after, I came across another blog rehairducation  by lade and read  every post in one day, took off my weave and started my hair journey. So here I am with full shoulder length hair for the very first time in my life and believing I’ll grow much more as I take better care of my hair.